giovedì 18 febbraio 2010

Una scatola di tesori dalla Polonia! GRAZIE MICHELLE!!! :)

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  1. Oh, Thank's God that ma package safely found the way to you! :) I was afraid that it could stuck somewhere on its road :) I'm sure that you'll do something beautiful with those supplies :)
    Kind regards! Kisses and hugs from Poland :)

  2. non ho parole, i nastri sono stupendi , le carte bellissime, wowwww!

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  4. what a beautiful box...i'm so happy for you...and for Michelle...i visited her website, it's wonderful...looking at her website i thought that some emotions, some hobbies, some forms of art are the same alla round the world...i felt very close to michelle even if i don't know her...because in the deep of our heart,people are very similar in all the world...i feel the same when i read the message of my friend esmeralda, from usa...
    I'm happy for you girls...
    the treasures in the box are wonderful...